The Oracle’s Oath by Domeniqa Tsiamantani

The Oracle's Oath

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2.5 🌟🌟/🌟

Melinoe- The Oracle’s Oath by Domeniqa Tsiamantani is a psychic story set after the WW II.
‘Oracle’ according to Cambridge dictionary means a female priest who gave people wise but often mysterious advice from a God (especially in ancient Greece)

In this story, Melinoe is a woman struggling to make ends meet after having lost all her family in the war and a witness to the terrible brutality against her husband, but she has the psychic ability to see images or feel other people’s pain or sometimes even cause pain in others. The gift or curse as she sees it has been passed on to her by her husband. There’s a mystery element to her connection to Nikkita Hartley who as her niece moves into Melinoe’s life. Nikkita is unsure of her aunt and her abilities and finds it hard to believe the voice of peril and thus moves in a direction that may prove dangerous for her.

The story has potential but certain details that is expected was missing, maybe due to the short story format. There were a couple of confusing places in the story that I thought a detailed explanation would be beneficial and give more clarity.

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