Sunny Chandler’s Return by Sandra Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ha, a Sandra Brown book, even one released initially in the 1980’s is a joy to behold. There’s absolutely no doubt that she is my favorite author whose books I can re-read any number of times. Of course, her early works have not been entirely 5 * reads but that is probably due to the fact that a 1980’s book wouldn’t appeal to the current 2020’s reading sensibilities, however, I have always wished to read all her available published works and thus Sunny Chandler’s Return.

Sunny has run away from her small town Latham Green to New Orleans in a cloud of scandal. However, her best friend’s wedding has brought her back and surely, she doesn’t have it easy facing the gossipmongers. Leaving her fiancé in the wedding altar of course is no mean feat and giving no reason whatso ever for her actions has given the act more importance than it deserves.

Ty Beaumont the Sherriff of Latham Green is the one guy every woman hangers for, but he also has a painful past that Ty refuses to discuss with anyone.

The romance is hot and of course the hero is a jerk, a total alpha who sees a walking woman and wants her in bed. But as long as one knows what to expect in such books then no harm done, you know what I mean. It is just pure male masochism, the forceful on your face sexual innuendos getting a bit much by the end of the story but again, just read it for what it is.

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