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Short and to the point, Melinda Leigh brings forth a brilliant prequel to her Bree Taggert series with Her Second Death.

Melinda Leigh is an author I have been waiting to give a try and this short story was the perfect starter to begin the journey. It starts like any other crime thriller with a murder being called in and Detective Bree and her partner Dana Romano arriving to inspect the scene. The inquiries begin soon enough but that’s when the author gets the reader to sit up and take notice of her writing with an unexpected plot twist.

Detective Bree’s personal trauma is also mentioned and the effects that the case is having on her was intriguing to read about, am sure it would be one of the highlights going forth in this series. The writing by the author is gripping and for a novella surely gets the reader’s attention. It is easy to understand why Melinda Leigh’s books are popular and always topping the charts.

A prequel that would be gobbled up by the fans of the series, I highly recommend it to readers who are fans of short mysteries. Looking forward to reading the other books by this author.

Many thanks to the publishers and author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

In this short-story prequel to the Bree Taggert series by #1 Amazon Charts and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh, a murder investigation yields parallels to the Philly detective’s own frightening past.

When a man is shot in the head, Bree Taggert and her new partner, veteran detective Dana Romano, respond to the call. They break the news to the victim’s ex-wife and learn the estranged couple’s five-year-old daughter was supposed to have been with him. What starts as a murder investigation quickly morphs into a desperate search for a missing child. The case stirs memories of Bree’s own traumatizing childhood. To find the little girl, Bree will have to relive her own terrifying past.

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