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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Weaver by Tish Thawer attracted my eye with its beautiful cover image. The story of a young woman, a witch, searching for the man in her dreams was another appeal. Weaver is a story that can be compared to a placid lake flowing serenely without causing any ripples or flutters.

Milly is content to be alone in the world, spending time with her ‘familiar’ in her garden trying to follow all her mother’s teachings to live as happily as possible. Her only contact in the outside world is a librarian who provides companionship for her lonely heart. So it was not really surprising for Milly to fall headlong into a relationship with Roarke the man in her dreams.

The concept of a dream weaver influencing dreams around the world and the search for his Queen were quite intriguing and the author has developed the plot in a fascinating way. The dreamy world that is conceived by the author helps the reader to travel along with the protagonists to different parts of the world and I loved the different places the story has been set in. What I would have loved in the story is more depth into the relationship that develops between Milly and Roarke, the love is instant which is quite understandable seeing that Roarke has been searching for hundreds of years and Milly knows in her soul that Roarke is the one, however, the problem I had is that Roarke’s character remains like this confusing enigma. Just like Milly, there is so much of his magic that was not completely clear, and that part of the story, I believe could have been fleshed out better.

Weaver is easily an enjoyable read without much angst or involvement, a fast-paced read that was good for afternoon fun.

Many thanks to Net Galley, Amber Leaf Publishing, and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

He walked out of my dream, identifying himself only as the Weaver. In a black cloak, with eyes like stars, there was a shimmer to the way he moved. He was beautiful … Ethereal. And I was going to make him mine.


Alone for most of her life, Milly is determined to make the man of her dreams a reality. Using her hereditary magic, she sets out on a lifelong quest, entering a world of shadows and secrets. Little does she know, to possess his heart, she’ll have to give away her own … for the only way to love a Dream Weaver is to become his Queen of Nightmares.


The choice between love and magic is a dangerous thing. 

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