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I am Farshana. The simple purpose of this blog is to write about all the books that I seem to devour and thus rain’n’books, well rains being the other favorite part of curling with a book and of course, a cup of tea or coffee ☕ like we say in India ‘garma garam chai’ with ‘samosas’ on a rainy day…bring it on!

I have to thank my mom for instilling the love of books in me, she reads anything and everything, but as might be expected, being a mom I still do get blasted for sitting with my kindle or the phone. Well, that’s a mom for u😊

As I grew older, my sister began to bring in books from her college library and instead of letting her read, I would finish it first and make her sit and listen to the whole drama. Being the angel she is, she used to let me continue with the theatrics as no amount of fights used to deter me.

And here I am today with such deep love for fiction books and only fiction, mind you. It’s absolutely magical to be transported into the world of books that the author creates, to feel the pulse of the story and the emotions that every character goes thru, and to finally reach the end and be at peace at last.

Cheers, All!


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  1. So good to know you Farshana. I love books and rain too.
    When I was young it was books, movies and sports.
    Now I meditate more and read less and love life more 😊
    All the very best to you. Have a joyous and fulfilling life 🌹

  2. Thanks so much for following The Write Edge! I hope you find the posts interesting and informative. All the best to you on your reading journey!

  3. Love your writing style.

    I am a new writer of fiction on the block. My maiden novel, ‘The Chronicler of Hooghly’ is currently under publication. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to do a review of my book, or at least one of the stories which form a part. Do let me know.


    Shakti Ghosal

  4. Farshana !!! Yess its absolutely magical to be transported to a new world while you are devouring a book no matter what your age is !!! Wonderful venture into the world of books !!keep going 👍🏻👍🏻😍

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