The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth

The Mother-In-Law

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The title of the book itself is juicy, Like how the author very wisely points out that you may choose your partner but you don’t actually choose anybody else in the family especially your mother-in-law. That relationship is the most delicate that needs to be handled with kitten touch from both sides if at all you are looking forward to keeping the relationships in the family. Lucy and Ollie are married with 3 children,Diana and Tom are the in-laws and then there’s the sister-in-law Nettie and her husband, Patrick. Diana has had no support from her parents and instead of learning something positive from it, she makes it her life’s mission to be cold and unloving to her own children so that they learn to do things independently and fight for what they want. However she has no problems in showing her care for total strangers which gives the reader a glimpse of the actual person she’s underneath.
I loved this family drama with a bit of mystery that’s added to it making it spicier and the whole relationship between Diana and Lucy that was so delicious to read.

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