The Girl On Legare Street by Karen White

The Girl On Legare Street (Tradd Street, #2)

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33 Legare Street has been the Prioleau family home for many generations until Melanie’s mother sells it and moves away leaving her husband and daughter. Almost 33 yrs later, she’s back in the life of Melanie warning of potential danger to come. She’s forced into a sort of reconciliation with her mother by her near and loved ones and thus begins the journey of The Girl on Legare Street.

Melanie Middleton is a 40 yr old realtor with OCD but she’s also a psychic, like her mother and grandmother, able to see and communicate with ghosts. Moving into the house at Legare street also brings the ghosts, both good and bad to the fore. A sailboat owned by the Piroleau family called Rose has been discovered after almost 100 years under water along with the remains of a female. The mystery deepens with the appearance of Rebecca, a journalist who herself has dreams and premonitions that adds to the thrilling drama. Of course, she was also an ex-flame of Jack so the green-eyed monster also plays a role in making Mellie wary of Rebecca.

This is book#2 in the Tradd street series and please do read the series in order so that you can enjoy the simple character growth of Melanie and her OCD and understand the sometimes hot sometimes cold relationship between Jack and Melanie.

If you are looking for a good ghost story with solid romance and mystery, this one would be the perfect choice. It has a bit of everything, a mother-daughter relationship, solid and loyal friends, dry wit that makes the reader crack at odd places, brewing romance, a grumpy and irritating heroine that makes her one of us, good ghost, evil ghost, and of course the lovely southern charm mansion 33 Legare sstreet.

I have half a mind to binge read the whole series!

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