The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox

The Witch of Willow Hall

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Have you made a PERFECT curry with the right ingredients mixed in the exact proportions that the aroma itself makes your mouth water and this perfect combination happens once in a while? Well,
The Witch of Willow Hall is one such book that was perfect for me with the right mix of historical details, family drama, a Gothic mansion, witches, ghosts, and of course romance. Everything worked in the right dosage in the perfect way. I can’t believe this to be a debut novel and it was such a satisfying read and surely if she’s gonna write books in this fashion, her books are definitely gonna be auto-buy for me and no question about it.😊

It is 1821 and The Montrose family has moved away from Boston to the small town call New Oldbury after a scandal. The beginning chapters introduces Lydia, Catherine and Emmeline as sisters and a mention of their brother Charles. The scandal that forced the move is due to Catherine but she hardly shows any remorse or guilt for this massive change to the family. They meet John Barrett who is also their father’s new partner and his friend August Pierce. Emmeline is only 8 yrs old and Lydia is almost like a mother to her. It is Lydia whom the reader falls in love with, a witch who is unaware of her abilities, a sister who tries hard to hold the family together and show love and loyalty to Catherine who is probably the vainest creature in the world.

Yes the Willow Hall is itself a place to be reckoned with, with the past tragedies rearing its head in the presence of Lydia but it forms only a part of the story as the onus is on Lydia and her relationship with Catherine and John and the heartbreaking tragedy that she has to bear before coming to understand her powers and move forward to find happiness.

Its easy to understand the time and era of those times, everything is vivid in description and the author has successfully managed to bring the part of New Oldbury alive in the minds of the reader.
Outstanding debut! Can’t recommend it enough.

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