The Memory Wood by Sam Lloyd

The Memory Wood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I finished this book few days back and its still haunting me. Its hard to believe this is a debut book, it was that addictive and absorbing.

Elissa Mirzoyan is aiming to be a chess champion and attending a tournament with her single mother, Lena turns out to be the worst nightmare of her life. She’s kidnapped and left in a underground cellar.

Elijah- do we hate him or pity him, its evident that something about his mental capacity is not right, or why else would he refuse to inform the police of Elissa’s whereabouts when he finds her?

Mairead is the senior officer in charge for whom the case of abduction becomes a personal fight considering the situation she is in.

And then there are other colorful characters like papa, Magic Annie, Leon Meunier each of them becoming angels or monsters thru the description of 12 yr old Elijah.

The Memory Wood is sinister and ominous, the brooding and eerie atmosphere created by the author giving goosebumps to the reader. A pulse pounding and heart in the mouth thriller that its no wonder publishers are touting it as the ” must-read novel of 2020″ . Reading the book filled me with so much despair and sadness as the major characters in the story are all suffering. I only wish there was something ‘feel good’ as an epilogue chapter in this chilling tale to counter all the misery and wretchedness oozing out of the pages.Don’t get me wrong, it is just a minor complaint in this brilliant book where each twisty reveal had left me with ‘crazy eyes’ turning back pages and reading it from a different perspective.

Many Thanks to Random House UK, Transworld Publishers Bantam Press, Net Galley and Sam Lloyd for a chance to read this outstanding debut novel.

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