Blood Relatives by Jay Path

Blood Relatives (Short Story)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An unexpected surprise this book turned out to be. Blood Relatives by Jay Path is a short story of Upir, a teenager who is having the usual troubles with her parents, not able to connect to them and thinking they are drunkards. While opening a birthday present at her friend’s place, she begins to feel unusual things and soon discovers her actual pedigree.

The writing is fluent and capture’s the attention of readers immediately. I loved the ‘boom’ ending of the story. The story does create an impact even though seasoned readers can decipher the clues well before the reveal.


An intriguing tale about teenage angst, conflict, suspense and self-discovery that will grip you till the twist ending. How soon can you figure out the ending using the clues along the way?

Upir, a teenage schoolgirl, can’t relate to her peculiar parents. Do they have a drinking problem? She uncovers a power she never knew she had. And a seemingly insignificant incident at her friend Sandy’s house turns her life upside down.

What do you think she will discover about herself in the end?

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