The Last Sister by Kendra Elliot

The Last Sister (Columbia River #1)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Many thanks to Net Galley , Montlake Romance and Kendra Elliot for this awesome book.

This is my first book by Kendra Elliot even though her books have been popping up on my recommendations list for a while now and am more than happy that her book did deliver the goods. The Last Sister is partly a family drama and partly a murder mystery. There’s a dash of romance too that adds brilliantly into the story.

3 sisters, Tara, Emily and Madison are victims of a crime nearly 20 years ago that destroyed the whole family into bits. Their father was found hanging from the woods and their home burnt down. Tara as the eldest runs away and has had no contact with the family ever since. After losing their mom to depression, Emily takes the responsibility of her younger sister Madison but they are wholeheartedly welcomed into the Barton mansion by the 3 aging aunts Vina, Thea and Dory. The past has however reared its ugly head as there has been another murder in the town reminiscent of Emily’s father’s hanging and coincidentally she’s the person to discover the crime. Each of the sisters are hiding things from the night of their father’s murder. FBI Detectives Ava and Zander are painstakingly going thru the clues finding a motive but soon discovers that there are more secrets in the past to be unearthed before the current murder begins to make any sense.

The author has written a thoroughly enjoyable mystery that is riveting and absorbing. I loved the aunts for their quirky ways and their love for Emily and Madison. The truth when it is revealed is much more uglier than anyone’s imagination as racism also makes and unwelcome appearance in this small town.


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