The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

The Family Upstairs

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Libby Jones is celebrating her 25th birthday when she receives a letter that turns her world upside down. Suddenly she’s discovering her new identity as Serenity Lamb the only known surviving member of the Lamb family. 25 yrs ago, the police walked into 16 Cheyne Walk and found the decayed bodies of Marina Lamb, a well -known socialite who has faded away from the public eye and her husband and the body of unidentified man. Surprisingly, a 10-month old baby is found well-cared for with a rabbit’s foot in the crib and the whereabouts of other children unknown. Knowing that she’s the heir to the mansion where the tragedy has occurred lures her to discover the truth of her beginnings.

This is an intense, gripping and absorbing read that takes readers on a ride. The story flows thru multiple POV’s and twists and turns causes a head spin. I had guessed almost all the reveals in advance but it didn’t spoil the fun for me as I was absorbed in finding the truth of the depravity that took over the 16 Cheyne walk.


From the New York Times bestselling author and master of “bone-chilling suspense” (People) comes another page-turning look inside one family’s past as buried secrets threaten to come to light.

Gifted musician Clemency Thompson is playing for tourists on the streets of southern France when she receives an urgent text message. Her childhood friend, Lucy, is demanding her immediate return to London.

It’s happening, says the messageThe baby is back.

Libby Jones was only six months old when she became an orphan. Now twenty-five, she’s astounded to learn of an inheritance that will change her life. A gorgeous, dilapidated townhouse in one of London’s poshest neighborhoods has been held in a trust for her all these years. Now it’s hers.

As Libby investigates the story of her birth parents and the dark legacy of her new home, Clemency and Lucy are headed her way to uncover, and possibly protect, secrets of their own. What really happened in that rambling Chelsea mansion when they were children? And are they still at risk?

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