An Uninvited Guest by Rachel Abbott

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Creepy and Chilling! That sums up An Uninvited Guest by Rachel Abbott. I am a huge fan of Rachel Abbott’s DCI Tom Douglas books, with that thought, there are couple of books pending for me to catch up in the series😬 however when given a chance to read this short story, I was more than happy to grab it both hands.

Thank You @RachelAbbott, it was a pleasure to read An Uninvited Guest and to have goosebumps on your flesh.

Emma is returning after a hard day’s work and is longing for the weekend to unwind, having partied hard with her sister the previous night has also added to her woes.But there’s a ghastly surprise waiting for her in the house- a stranger who is in her kitchen cooking a meal and who seems to know things about her. But Emma hasn’t seen the stranger ever before, is he a killer or a stalker and what does he want from her?

3 short chapters that left me stunned. Absolutely brilliant!


Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work and finding a man in your house.
He’s in your kitchen, cooking your dinner. 

But you don’t know who he is.

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