My Kingdom for a Sorceress by Laura Josephsen

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Thank You Laura Josephsen for bringing a smile on my face with My Kingdom for a Sorceress😊

Dear readers, if you are looking for some light and fun romance within a fantasy frame work, do check this book out. Incredibly well-written with dragons, faeries, centaurs, unicorns, pixies, an enchanted forest, fairy god mothers, dwarfs, ogres, well anything and everything in a fantasy world makes an appearance in this book.

Wen is gift-cursed by a fairy godmother and is on a quest to marry a princess before his 17th birthday. In this endeavor, he meets Arrow,a sorceress whose magical powers are not that good and her attempts at magic provides the most humor in the story. Arrow agrees to help Wen and begins the journey that takes them to an enchanted forest meeting witches, Rumpelstiltskin, frog princes, Rapunzel and many other things. The fantasy story borrows characters from all our favorite fairy tales and tweaks it in a nice way to revolve around the adventures of Wen and Arrow.

I loved the banter between Wen and Arrow and the friendship that soon turns to love. Beautiful!


Prince Wenceslas would much rather be at home in his castle than wandering the world looking for enchanted princesses. Unfortunately, he has less than a month to fulfill a “gift” set upon him at birth by a drunken fairy godmother. If he can’t rescue a princess—any princess—from a spell and marry her by his seventeenth birthday, he’ll prick his finger on a glass coffin and fall into an eternal sleep that can only be broken by true love’s kiss.

Given that he doesn’t have a true love, his options seem pretty limited. Marrying a stranger can’t be worse than sleeping forever–or so he thinks until he meets Arrow, a club-wielding sorceress whose magic constantly goes awry. She convinces him that he doesn’t have to let any magic, fairy godmother or otherwise, run his life.

Wenceslas sets out with Arrow to look for a princess he might actually want to marry. A magic forest, a witch who collects frog princes, and love potions are only a few of the things standing in his way, but Wenceslas soon finds that what hinders him most isn’t any magic…it’s his own heart.

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