The Tale of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware

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Heather Westway’

If you have read Ruth Ware’s amazing novel The Death of Mrs. Westway, the name Heather Westway would surely resonate. Even being absent, that character was the pivotal point upon which the whole story unraveled. Ruth Ware is undoubtedly one of the finest thriller writers currently. I have read most of her books and loved each one of them. Her ability to scare the reader into assuming things when all along there is a simple explanation has given me enough sleepless nights over-thinking and worrying, if at all, I lie down without finishing the plot in one go.

The Tale of Mrs. Westway is intriguing. Heather who is suffering from melancholia is admitted to a rest home after the birth of her son. Dr. Alderney befriends Heather and tries to bring her out of the doldrums that she’s succumed to. The story of her deep-rooted sadness is touching, but it is the instances of abuse that the author carefully hints at, that gives the reader goosebumps.

When Dr Alderney meets an enigmatic young woman at the Bluebird Rest Home, he is intrigued not just by her beauty, but by her air of sadness and reserve. But Hester Westaway has a story to tell, and as the years go by, Dr Alderney comes closer to unravelling her secrets than perhaps anyone else alive.

Spoiler-free and standalone, The Tale of Mrs Westaway explains what came before my latest novel, The Death of Mrs Westaway.

Are you ready to step into Hester’s world? 

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