Temptation’s Darling by Johanna Lindsey

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I went searching for some light reading after the previous book left me feeling depressed. Thus Temptation’s Darling by Johanna Lindsey . I love Ms. Lindsay and have been reading her books for a very long time. She is one author whose books can be read without a pounding heart for a cheery light-hearted story.

Vanessa “Nessi” has been living in Scotland with her father William who’s in exile. She hates her mother who caused the rift in her family and thereby be separated from her twin sisters. Her character was quite a delight for the half tomboy half lady mask she wears, sometimes there’s the bold avatar but not brash.Monty was too charming and amusing, the banter between them cracking me up on many occasions.Also Charlie and Arlo, the twin sisters are all entertaining characters.

The chemistry between the leads was exciting but the intensity was never felt. So in that aspect this may not be up to her usual mark but otherwise a good book in this genre.

Threatened by powerful enemies, William Blackburn, Earl of Ketterham, lives in exile in the Scottish Highlands with his daughter Vanessa. When she comes of age, William urges her to return to her mother in England to make her society debut. Raised with all the advantages and freedom a boy would have, Vanessa doubts she can fit into the world of ball gowns, parties, and high society. Nonetheless, she agrees to return to England, determined to end the vendetta against her father, never imagining the high price she will have to pay.

Lord Montgomery Townsend enjoys living on the edge, courting danger as he fixes potentially scandalous problems for the Prince Regent. While hiding out at the home of the Countess of Ketterham, Monty watches a disaster-in-the-making as his hostess tries to prepare her estranged daughter for a match with the pompous son of a powerful family. Puzzled as to why the fiercely independent Vanessa submits to being turned into a puppet and offered up to the arrogant rogue, Monty nonetheless steps in to make her dreams come true. But no good deed goes unpunished and soon he faces more pressing problems, including the temptation to upend Vanessa’s wedding plans so he can marry her himself.

Featuring Johanna Lindsey’s “signature blend of witty writing, charmingly unique characters” (Booklist), Temptation’s Darling is a passionate romance with a dash of humor that you won’t soon forget. 

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