Ghost Stories: Tales of spine-chilling encounters by Antara Roy O

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First off, ❤️❤️❤️ that chilling cover

A campfire, group of friends, dark woods, Yes, what’s the next staple thing that one requires?? Creepy ghost stories that can chill your bones and tingle your spine. Ghost Stories by Antara Roy is the ideal book for this scenario. A collection of short and eerie tales about supernatural experiences that can really cause one to switch on the lights and jump at every shadow in the wall.

There are 7 stories in the book, each with a different flavor but I loved The Terrace and Room No 6 the best of the lot.

The Terrace has 2 friends Shankar and Gulab finding a deserted office that would offer them a good place for a few drinks and chit-chat.

Game of Death has Khiren walking in the dark to his uncle’s home but finding himself having to face a horror dream.

In The Girl by the Lake, Roop and Aubrey are travelling to their homes in the night when they encounter a girl who moves like a fairy or a dancer and is compelled to follow her to her home!

In Goat’s Leg, Mark has a run-in with people around the cemetery with grotesque and bizarre sights that becomes unbelievable by the minute

A Friend in the Mountain speaks of a ghost that provides help to those in need.

Room #6 was the creepiest of all for me with an govt. official falling prey to corrupted officers and his sad and sorry tale.

Look Behind offers yet another chilling tale of disaster that may strike if you turn around and look at the spirit that can take any form.

Incredibly well-written, this is a perfect short story collection for all fans of horror. Looking forward to read more by Antara Roy! Be spooked😱😱😱

That there might be a certain something which exists beyond and across our conception of time and space. You can feel it in your bones that this something is real. Whether it chills your bones or fills you with warmth- that’s up to you, are you prepared?

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