The Woman Inside by E.G. Scott

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That book cover creeped me out, and that is one major reason why I wanted to read another one of those domestic thrillers. It’s the age of such books, where there’s not a single person whom one can root for in the story, where each and every character is downright nasty and unlikable and most of them with a whole lot of crazy issues. The Woman Inside is a crazy thriller. Rebecca and Paul have been married for 20 years but their marriage has hit the rock bottom with Rebecca’s opiod addiction and Paul’s adultery. Both of them lie to each other at every chance they get. Of course there’s someone dead and when the police discover it, the body is not the one expected. There are enough twists and turns in the story to keep the reader hooked and it’s no wonder it has been compared to the one book that started this craze, Gone Girl!
The story at most places felt shallow with the initial focus on Paul’s and Rebecca’s POV but then opening up to many voices including the lead detectives of the case. I really would have loved to ‘like’ at least one character in the story but just for the thrill elements, it succeeds enormously.


Rebecca didn’t know love was possible until she met Paul, a successful, charismatic, married man with a past as dark as her own. Their pain drew them together with an irresistible magnetism; they sensed that they were each other’s ideal (and perhaps only) match.

But twenty years later, Paul and Rebecca are drowning as the damage and secrets that ignited their love begin to consume their marriage. Paul is cheating on Rebecca, and his affair gets messy fast. His mistress is stalking them with growing audacity when Rebecca discovers Paul’s elaborate plan to build a new life without her. And though Rebecca is spiraling into an opiate addiction, it doesn’t stop her from coming up with a devious plot of her own, and this one could end absolutely everything.

What follows is an unpredictable and stylish game of cat and mouse—a shocking tale of unfaithfulness and unreliability that will keep you racing until the final twist and make you wonder how well you really know your spouse.

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