Royal Inheritance by McKenna James

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❤️Valentine’s Day ❤️week and here I am trying to read at least a couple of romances to keep myself happy and of course I am smiling like the cat that ate the canary 😻

A kickass heroine- check
A drool worthy hero – check
Forbidden romance- check
Happily, ever-after- check
What more can I ask for 🤷‍♀‍
😆got it—Royal palaces and princess to the mix- the perfect cherry on the top. 😋

Gavin is a royal guard but for the past 6 months his life has been a hell, serving as the personal body guard to the princess which should have been a dream job, right? Well, wrong, Raina is no feeble damsel. With a stubborn mind, headstrong attitude and passionate nature, Gavin has a tough job at his hands, the major task, convincing himself that Raina is a princess and thus off-limits.
Raina of course has her own ideas, instead of being served on a platter to any Tom, Dick and Harry, she wants to catch the crook that brought her country to financial ruin and thus fixed her future for her. Forced into a situation where marriage is the only way out, she convinces Gavin to find the culprit and replenish the coffers leaving her free to her own wishes. En route, Gavin and Raina get stuck in a snow storm and boundaries are crossed and its only love that shines thru as both of them gets snug inside a cottage cut off from the outside world.

The writing is effortless, as both Gavin and Raina make an endearing pair, the banter between them crackling with sexual tension and forbidden love. There is also an unexpected twist to the story that elevates it to a different level from the usual run of the mill romances. With some steamy love scenes and passionate love, Royal Inheritance by Mckenna James makes it a perfect royal Valentine read 💘 💝 ❣️

Princess Raina’s beloved country is in trouble, and the only way for her to save it is to marry a Prince with coin to spare. Unfortunately, she’s already in love with her bodyguard Gavin…


At the age of twenty-one, I am to be introduced to society, complete with a royal ball, where I am intended to find a suitable prince.

Mostly, this sounds like fun, until I find out the ball is a ruse. My suitors are under scrutiny for other reasons, and I’m bait.

Apparently, our wealth has been stolen. Our country is practically destitute. It’s my duty to marry us out of the hole, while my bodyguard is supposed to ferret out the thief who has put us here.

Everyone has a secret, and mine is at least as scandalous as most.

I’m in love with my bodyguard. I wonder what he’s hiding behind those dark blue eyes, and I’ll do whatever it takes to find out.


When I was hired to guard the princess, I thought it would be an easy job.

Boy, was I wrong.

Her safety is my mission, but Raina’s no delicate flower, and she doesn’t think she needs my protection.

She’s smart and beautiful with a naughty streak that makes me want to claim her for myself. However, if I give in to her charms, I could find myself on the wrong side of a firing squad.

Besides, I’m a hard man who has seen it all, and done unspeakable things in the service of my country. She deserves better, so I focus on tracking the person who has stolen her fortune.

I pray I can find the money. Because it I do, the princess won’t have to marry for money.

She might be able to follow her heart… 

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