The Inheritance by Irina Shapiro

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok, I need to visit Scotland, have been reading quite a few books based in Scotland that I really wish to see those places. The Inheritance by Irina Shapiro has a good story, well, what’s not to like, there’s dual-time romances, past inheritance, ghostly castle and mystery added to the mix. But somewhere it failed to be a 5* read for me.

Katie Price has hit the windfall. Out of the blue, there’s an unknown grandfather Angus McBride, in the picture who has died and left a moldering castle and distillery in her name. Firmly believing that there’s been a mistake she goes to Scotland to get a clearer picture and find out the truth. Kilmaron Castle is a place steeped with history of Scotland revolution that fought for independence and the succession of Stuarts to their throne. Katie then learns about her ancestry with the help of her solicitor Danny and the forbidden love that had developed between Isobel, wife of the laird and Rory McBride, laird’s cousin.
The story moves between Isobel Grant in 1744 and the present with Katie. The romance between Isobel and Rory was sweet and touching and left me wanting more. Well, it is also the case with Katie and Danny where there was not enough depth to the love that developed between them. I wish the author had devoted a few more pages to the story coz everything seems rushed especially the events after the Culloden battle and the decisions of Katie.
The Inheritance was an easy read without much descriptive detailing that is expected in a historical romance book but I would surely love to check out a few more works by the author as the book was an enjoyable fare.


Katie Price is baffled to learn that a man claiming to be her grandfather has left her his entire estate in the Scottish Highlands including a thriving whiskey distillery and a moldering castle where he actually lived until his death. The Will stipulates that Katie must travel to Scotland to claim the inheritance in person. As her stay extends from weeks into months, she unearths long buried family secrets, unravels a 250 year old mystery surrounding the disappearance of the Laird’s young wife from the castle shortly after the Battle of Culloden, and finds a love she never expected.

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