My Love, A Liar: Small Town Girl Romance #2 by Ruchi Singh

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A sweet and loving story about 2 different individuals who has seemingly no common ground to form a relationship, forget relationship even friendship feels absolutely No…No but of course love does blossom.

Aditi and Rahul are absolute opposites to each other. Aditi has been brought up in a very sheltered and closed knit family and as per Indian culture, still nods her head to, not just her parents but also her brothers and their wives. I loved how the author had brilliantly conveyed that aspect of typical Indianness, u know where every other member in the family knows what is perfect for you, and one is expected to be the perfect girl and a puppet to others.
Her best friend, Priya has married Abhimanyu and during the wedding festivities meets Rahul, the ‘flirty everything is for fun’ guy who has no time for any socital norms and gives two hoots to all rules and regulations, but his non-chalant attitude hides a heart of gold which is visible to only those he cares about.

The caring and protectiveness comes first and Rahul begins opening up to Aditi but family drama follows with some agonizing moments for the love birds. How Aditi and Rahul find the courage to trust each other was beautifully written and loved the author’s use of simple and breezy language to convey the emotions.

Heartfelt and lovely romance!

They never had anything in common and tolerated each other for their best friends’ sake. Thrown together due to circumstances beyond their control, Cupid strikes.

Aditi is a modern girl working in Delhi brought up in a sheltered atmosphere with high traditional family values.

Rahul is a free thinker with no regard or patience for archaic social norms.

Will Rahul be able to break the barrier of Aditi’s social conditioning? Will he go to any length to convince her of his philosophy?

Can Aditi hope to make Rahul believe in happily-ever-after? Will she risk losing her independence for a person who cannot give her any emotional security?

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