The Strictly Business Proposal by Nell Grey

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Ok, somebody just transport me to this beautiful picturesque location in Wales. Such fun and delightful read!

Book #1 in the Freshwater Bay series, A Strictly Business Proposal was exactly that, a business proposal that had to change for the good. Beth Barnes is a successful and talented chef, pleasing and charming to all who meet her, however her personal life has been one disaster after another with each and every guy she dates falling short big-time. When her friend and mentor Evan die and leave her his restaurant in Wales, it is chance of a lifetime but there’s a catch. For starters the property is jointly shared by Evan’s nephew Gareth Morgan and to top it off, she has to be married in a short span of time to finally be the owner of the place. Of course, there’s no boyfriend in the horizon so, as such, no way marriage can happen and being thought of by Gareth as a schemer who manipulated Evan into gifting her the restaurant, Beth decided to just let go and return to her boring life in London.

Gareth has his own issues regarding the ‘get married or no property’ clause in the will by Evan coz he is just recently divorced and want no part of getting hitched or succumb to a woman’s charm again. But destiny has things in store of both of them, as to realize a common goal, Gareth and Beth decide to join hands in a only business and no love marriage which makes for some interesting situations.

The story was charming and had enough angst by the commitment phobic Gareth and the usual no communication and only assumptions made by Gareth and Beth to make it a fast-paced read. The best part of the book is the stunning vista that the author presents, that I just wished to be actually walking in Beth’s shoes.

Lovely romance💕💕💕

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Is Beth Barnes a beautiful con artist or the genuine friend of Evan Morgan, an elderly Welsh chef?

When Evan dies, he hands talented London chef Beth her big break. She has the chance to realise her dream and run her very own restaurant in a village on the wild Welsh Celtic coast. But there are strings attached. Can she comply and gain her inheritance, her dream? Accused of being a gold digger by the family, Beth’s welcome to Wales is not quite as warm as she’d hoped for.

Burned from a recent divorce, the last thing on architect Gareth Morgan’s mind is another wedding. If he wants to realise his development dreams, he must marry.

It’s a strictly business proposal. But can Beth and Gareth really stick to the terms?

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