In the Name of the Father: Some Vows Aren’t Meant to Be Broken. by K. French

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The blurb talks about an abbey Whitby overlooking the North Sea that is witness to many secrets and going in I assumed a story revolving around the abbey and its past especially with a central character that works in a museum. But surprisingly, and a good surprise, this was a romantic suspense story with an element of thrill factor added to it.
Lottie is a loner, preferring to be alone rather than be forced into a party that bores her to death. She loves her job in the museum and keeps herself entertained. It was supposed to be a simple event to celebrate the anniversary of her gran’s passing with some of gran’s friends in Whitby but when Mrs. Clarke insists that Lottie attend the church her normal life goes for a toss as Lottie faces Father Kit Montgomery the man whose simple presence makes her tongue-tied and breathless. A few chance encounters and Lottie and Kit are flouting all rules but Father Montgomery is not at all what he seems on the surface.

The story was engaging and thrilling with Lottie’s life taking a 360 degree turn once Kit’s past comes into play. Her character is introduced as someone who abhors alcohol but then throughout the book, she’s getting drunk coz of one reason or another. There was a sense of danger that was missing in the story especially towards the latter half when one expects firecrackers. I would have loved to root for at least one male in the story be it Kit or Ennis but somehow both characters fails to evoke any passionate feeling.

A well-crafted romantic thriller with a very unexpected ending which did surprise me big time as it makes it totally different from other books in this genre.

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Perched high on a cliff, overlooking the ever-churning North Sea, the haunting ruins of Whitby Abbey are witness to many secrets.
Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Carmichael is 25, lives alone in London, and – with a job as curator of a small museum – prefers the company of the dead to the living – that is until she meets the mysterious Father Montgomery and embarks on a life-changing journey of self-discovery.
From London to North Yorkshire via Dublin, In the Name of the Father is a thrilling tale of infatuation, murder and deceit, and of how one man’s path to redemption can lead to the downfall of so many others.

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