Now You See Her by Linda Howard

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OK I just realized something, there are deadlines to be met, commitments to be honored but instead of focusing on all that, I have picked up a book sorely on the basis of my mood, so “blink-blink” moment…I am a Mood reader obviously…

When You See Her was interesting, fun and a sexy read and with a psychic heroine who can see ghosts and a totally alpha swoon-worthy rich hero, every part in the story made the fan-girl in me happy. ‘Coz I was really looking for some reading that would make me forget the outer world with the pandemic looming large and the lockdown adding to the mental stress, When You See Her provided the much-needed entertainment for a few hours.

Paris Sweeney is an artist who has had some major changes in her painting style in the last year or so. The ghosts have suddenly become clear, traffic signals turn green always and the plants are blooming in record time. Of course, I wouldn’t mind the red to green traffic signal ability, well, who wouldn’t?? Sweeney is level-headed enough to accept these quirks but all hell breaks loose when she begins sleep-walking and painting, or rather sleep-painting. And the recreating of the images of bloody murder is giving her shocks that is reducing her to a totally helpless state and it is only Richard’s presence and his timely help that is preventing the hypothermic addled state of mind.

The story moves at a fast pace with a few twists and turns added but what I loved best about the book is the banter between Sweeney and Richard and also the high moral stand that Sweeney adopts to not fall so easily for Richard and it is this sexual tension that makes this a very enticing read.

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With the scintillating sensuality and high-voltage thrills that distinguish all of her blockbusters of romantic suspense, Linda Howard grips the imagination and touches the heart as only she can, in her sixth dazzling New York Times bestseller.

A talented painter in her early thirties, Paris Sweeney has achieved enviable success: her work sells at an exclusive New York City gallery, and her popularity is at an all-time high. Life is good, and Sweeney, as she prefers to be called, is content.

But lately, Sweeney’s dreams — lush, vivid, and drenched in vibrant hues — seem to echo a growing restlessness that has taken hold of her. Suddenly, impulsively, Sweeney falls into a night of intense passion with millionaire Richard Worth. Now, the true dangers of her all-consuming urges are about to be revealed where Sweeney least expects it: in her paintings.

After a creative frenzy she can barely recall, Sweeney discovers she has rendered a disturbing image — a graphic murder scene. Against her better instincts, she returns to the canvas time and again, filling out each chilling detail piece by piece. But when a shattering, real-life murder mirrors her creation, Sweeney falls under suspicion. With every stroke of her brush, she risks incriminating herself with her inexplicable knowledge of a deadly crime. And every desire — including her hunger for Richard — is loaded with uncertainty as Sweeney races to unmask a killer.

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  1. I love her books, but must admit I don’t remember all of them anymore, I’ve read them too many years ago. I think a few re-reads are in order. Do you have a favorite book by her? Mine is Mr Perfect, Open Season, After the Night, and I really enjoyed her latest After Sundown.

    1. Honestly I have read only a handful of books by this author, am trying to rectify that actually😂😂 now that you have mentioned After Sundown, will try to get a copy of that.

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