The Rake is Taken by Tracy Sumner

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Many Thanks to Net Galley, and Tracy Sumner for the chance to read and review this book.

A historical romance with psychic paranormal elements, The Rake is Taken is book #2 in the League of Lords series by Tracy Sumner but it can be read as a stand-alone as each book, I believe, has a different couple in focus. Finn Alexander, called the Blue Bastard by the ton, coz of his extraordinary eyes, has always been able to read minds of the people surrounding him. The gift or curse as the case maybe has left him always a touch distant from the countless relationships he’s engaged in always affecting an indifferent nonchalance among the crowd. When he becomes haunted by dreams that involve Lady Victoria Hamilton, Finn makes sure that lady in question is invited to Harbingdon estate where he seeks the help of his brother of heart Julian and his wife, Poppy to understand Victoria’s psychic abilities. ‘Coz Victoria is no ordinary girl herself, with the ability to steal pockets of time from anyone whom she touches, Victoria has never known love or care from her family except from her brother and her maid.

It is the psychic parts of the story with the members of the League that makes this book extremely fascinating and the chemistry between Finn and Tory is undeniably scorching hot. The author writes a very passionate and alluring story with two people who are quite different and begins collaborating as friends but the sexual tension between them is hard to ignore. Each and every character in the story was brilliant and hopefully the Duke of Ashcroft has a separate story that will follow in the series. I would have loved much more action with the dreams and the link that connects Finn and Tori as that part of the story seemed a bit rushed.

There’s enough drama to keep the story going as both of them denies their love for various reasons but the resolving of issues and making up of minds was entertainment at best.

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A gorgeous psychic. An unwanted betrothal. A tantalizing compromise.

An independent hellion, a stealer of time, and the only woman who can capture his heart…

Lady Victoria Hamilton has a supernatural gift, a fiancé, and a guardian angel. She just never expected her protector to be the most dazzling man in England, a devilish scoundrel they call the Blue Bastard. Victoria has agreed to marry for duty, not love, but her unforeseen desire for her mystical angel threatens to destroy not only her plans for the future but the armor surrounding her susceptible heart.

A confirmed scoundrel, a mind reader, and the only man she desires…

Illegitimate son of a viscount and reigning king of London’s gossip sheets, Finn Alexander has spent a lifetime hiding his ability to read minds behind charming smiles and wicked behavior. No one knows the real man, and he likes it that way. Until he meets the lone woman who sees the man beneath the disguise—a blue-blooded temptress with the power to bring him to his knees.

As they embark on a journey of passion and friendship, Victoria and Finn must decide if they’re willing to risk everything for the promise of true, magical love.

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