Her Eyes Under Water by Romona Simon

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Ok guys, goosebumps…goosebumps…

Romona Simon’s Her Eyes Underwater is an extremely unique debut inspired by true events. On one hand we begin with a woman Julia who is extremely confident of her sway with men and approaches a stranger in a café coz she’s utterly infatuated and smitten at first glance itself and on the other hand we have something of a vampiric feel with and edge to the storytelling that chills the reader.

Julia’s favorite passions in her own words are men, travel, fashion and parties and doesn’t care much about her parents’ opinion. So, when she spies upon Alex Bowman and gets to know that he belongs to the same law class that she’s enrolled in, her joy knows no bounds. But Alex’s charms and moods are beyond mercurial as he fails to reciprocate with the intensity that Julia feels. The first chapter had me guessing all sorts of things and to read that chapter again from master manipulator’s point of view was one brilliant stroke.
The ending is a cliff-hanger which left me feeling irritated, coz I really wanted to know how it will all end up, well no worries, waiting eagerly for the next book in the series.

Don’t expect a happy romance in this dark tale of passion and madness, this thriller doesn’t offer much in the thrill segment but still manages to keep the reader on their toes.

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People have been disappearing in the vast and pristine wilderness of 1970s Montana. One evening, restless university student Julia Strauss meets the captivating Alex Bowman and finds him irresistible. He is handsome, polite, and mysterious. If someone seems too good to be true …
This is a romantic suspense novel inspired by true events. The hero is Mr. Perfect when he is with the heroine. However, this cultivated persona melts away to reveal something frightening and unforgiving when they’re apart. Will Julia be able to see beyond the haze of her infatuation before it’s too late? 

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