Nightingale House by Steve Frech

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A widower, a young child of 8, shifting to new home, grief and loneliness, desperation and adjustment, the story begins in similar line to The Whisper Man by Alex North but that’s exactly where the similarities end. The Nightingale House is one of the cherished historical houses in Kingsbrook and one glance at it, leaves Daniel and his wife Nicole in love. But the anticipated move becomes marred by sadness and as Daniel and his daughter Caitlyn tries to adjust to the new circumstances and their loss and grief, things begin to go bump in the night.

Interwoven thru the story is the journal account of the young Rebecca in 1900’s whose infatuation with Thomas Carrington of the Nightingale House causes unforeseen aftermath.

The author has a written a creepy and scary story of the ghostly Nightingale House and its occupants. The drip-drip, the thump-thump, the image of a man, an imaginary friend only seen by Caitlyn, the nightmarish dreams, it is no wonder that Daniel is unable to sleep peacefully in the night and keeps returning to the couch in the living room.

The Nightingale House is a terrific thriller with necessary chills that is perfect for the readers of this genre. It was such a fast-paced read that turning the pages for one last chapter late into the night became the whole book. The reasons of the ghostly presence can be guessed at but it was exciting to see how Daniel uses his will-power and fights to save his daughter.

P.S. I loved that creepy cover image.

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The Nightingale House is a new beginning for widower Daniel Price and his young daughter Caitlyn. After months of grief, this will be the place where they start their life as a family of two. But something is wrong—Daniel can’t settle. There’s an odd, cold feeling in the master bedroom, and a mysterious dripping noise that seems to move from room to room. Whispers of I can’t sleep echo through the corridors, long into the night. And then Daniel uncovers the chilling story of the family who lived in the house years before, of betrayal, tragedy, and murder. Could the Nightingale House be not the home Daniel dreamed of for his daughter—but a place that will bring their worst nightmares to life? 

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