The Detective and the Burglar by Kirsten Paul

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A book that made me go AWW…🥰🥰🥰

A feel good romance with a drool worthy hero and a badass heroine along with some incredibly loving supporting characters, The Detective and The Burglar made me go mushy and gushy!!!

Emily has sworn off from her life of crime, she wants to succeed in the field of restorative work and be known for her furniture appraisals. Her sister Isla however spoils her well laid out plans and with the heart-felt desire of searching out her biological parents, Emily cannot resist stealing a figurine from Halloran’s Antiques in King’s court.

Armand Lecavalier wants to join the big league in Ottawa or Toronto but his lack of experience policing a small town is a mark against him. His lucky break comes when Emily’s car gets stolen twice and Armand realizes that Emily as a witness can help him with the case.

The sparks fly as soon as they meet and Emily knows that her search of the past has hindered her chance at a future with the one man, she feels safe with.

Easily read, the Detective and The Burglar flows along with both cases of theft being the focus and the love that sizzles between Armand and Emily. It becomes more interesting with most of the family getting involved and really wouldn’t mind having a calendar with all those hunks semi-naked on my wall😉😉😉. The angst and conflict for Armand as an honest police officer dealing with his love’s thievery could have been more detailed, I just couldn’t feel enough tension for that part.

If you need a break from some heavy reading, this one is just right for that smile on your face.

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Former burglar on demand, Emily Atterberry has left her life of crime behind. Or so she thinks until she stumbles on a piece of her past holding clues to her biological family’s identity. She feels guilty but steals it hoping it will lead her to the answers she is searching for.

Detective Armand Lecavalier is investigating recent luxury car thefts and is convinced Emily knows more than she’s saying. He needs to find out what she knows to prove to the big-time police precincts he’s more than just a small-town officer.

Thrown together, Emily and Armand find it hard to remain professional. All they want to do is have fun—with and without handcuffs. But can Armand look past his code of conduct for love or is Emily facing time behind bars?

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