The Baron’s Blunder by Susan M. Baganz

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A freebie from Kindle, Baron’s Blunder is book #0.5 in the Black Diamond series by Susan. M. Baganz. This is a very short novella and the story is good with a heroine one can’t help but like. Henrietta Allendale is unlike any other girl of the ton, for one, she’s perceptive and too observant and thus works as an informant for the Home Office and secondly, she’s a crack shot. So, when Lord Charles Percy rescues Henri and her aunt from a highway robbery attempt, she’s amused to inform him of her capabilities.
Both Charles and Henri are bent on avoiding the marriage mart so they are free to interact with each other without worrying about being on their best behavior. The romance is soft and developed nicely with the threat of the Black Diamond adding the spice but would have been happy without the too preachy Christianity. There’s only a few pages in the story but by the end, the references to God in every other sentence was unappealing.

Guess, the story of Black Diamond and the virgin sacrifices will be further explained in the coming series and that sure sounds interesting.

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Fighting evil is a hobby, fending off marriage-minded women—a chore.

When Lord Charles Percy seizes a highwayman robbing a carriage in broad daylight, he conceals his identity to the debutante he rescues. It wouldn’t do for her to know a member of the peerage is secretly in pursuit of the infamous Black Diamond. Instead, he claims to be a mere mister who happened along perchance at an opportune moment.

Despite the fact she’s a woman, the Honorable Henrietta Allendale doesn’t need a man to fight her battles, especially one whom she suspects is hiding things of import. So why can she not stop thinking about the gallant Mister Percy and his selfless act of heroism on her behalf?

Meeting again in London, Charles begins to enjoy verbally sparring with the intrepid young woman, and his heart is soon captivated as well. But he’s playing a deep game, and Henrietta’s presence in his life puts hers at risk. When a successful rescue results in possible scandal, the baron’s biggest challenge will be to convince the marriage-adverse young woman that his love is true.

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