The Tech by Mark Ravine

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It’s been quite a while since I have picked up a good FBI thriller. Yes, this definitely has romance in small doses so in a way, The Tech by Mark Ravine can be classified as a romantic suspense but really, this book is packed with wham boom action and it was super exciting to read.

SSA Alexandra Cassidy is being moved into a new office, new team and new place. Her team looks like a band of misfits, Val, Gabriella, Don, Nancy and John but each of them have excellent capabilities that go beyond kowtowing to the top brass. There’s also a highly skilled technology expert Michael Patterson in their office who seems to have eyes and ears everywhere.

Fireworks burst on the first day of work for Alexandra in the form of a bank robbery but 24 hrs later, her team has managed to nab the culprits with a very timely tip. There’s an overload of cases, girls getting kidnapped, identity stolen, hacking, arms deal going haywire, neurotoxin production, oil wells catching fire, Alexandra getting shot at, bombs exploding, that the story seems to be running in so many different directions. But the author has brilliantly managed to tie up all the threads into one tight yarn that it was such an adrenaline filled ride.

The unfolding of each segment of the story with parts about Gabriella and Nancy adding to the drama was brilliant but it was the enigmatic Mike along with Aisha that had me in ecstasy. A well written thriller with awesome technology, it is absolutely surprising this is a debut work.

Brilliant indeed!

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Alexandra has just taken charge of her new team, a motley crew of screw-ups at the Arizona Field Office, the latest in a series of forgettable assignments. With a history of rebelling against authority and blunt speaking, she vows to change her ways and make this assignment work.

Within minutes of her taking charge, she is drawn into a bank robbery case. She leads her new team to catch the robbers but discovers that there is much more to the case than meets the eye. The very next day three girls go missing. Before they could be trafficked out of the country, she races against time to rescue them. Soon, she begins to realize that all the cases coming her way are mysteriously connected. As she unravels the threads of a massive conspiracy, she discovers that a secret organization with immense power and authority is behind these horrific crimes. Forces within the FBI thwart her every move to discover the truth. Helping her navigate this maze is the shadowy Michael Patterson. But can she trust him? Can she trust anyone? Soon, witnesses disappear, suspects are killed, with her life and the lives of her team in lethal danger. Will she come out of this alive? Will she uncover and expose this cabal? As time starts running out, Alexandra Cassidy has to evade indictment and defy death in a deadly game of cat and mouse. 

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