The Persistent Marquess by Susan Payne

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The Persistent Marquess by Susan Payne is an absolutely enjoyable and entertaining read that was perfect for a lazy Sunday.

The debutant, Daisy Vincent, is brimming with honesty, cheer and a bright outlook to life in general, can’t abide by the social norms followed by society at large and seems to consider the ton superfluous.

The Marquess, William Ashton is the quintessential hero too jaded and too cynical to believe in love or happily ever after.

They meet of all places hiding behind a potted palm and Daisy’s open honesty strikes a chord with William and he sets about helping her avoid the pitfalls and meander thru them with her chin held high. But when a scandal becomes inevitable, William offers for her hand and lo and behold, the lady in question doesn’t want anything to do with his chivalrous offer.

Daisy is young and naïve to William’s 32 and throughout the story her doubts and insecurities plays a significant role in the story. Her uncertainty in being a marchioness gives her grief and she intensely believes that only utter devotion to the better half can save a marriage else there’s no point in a wedding. The discovery to love and commitment was beautiful which also included a steamy sex scene. I loved the author’s easy writing that entices the reader and brings a smile to one’s face.

Fans of historical romances can surely rejoice❤️

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One Marquess.
One debutante.
One waltz.

And Miss Daisy Vincent’s first season will never be the same. A less than stellar beginning to her first ball took a sudden and irrevocable change of direction once the handsome and popular Marquess of Ashton took notice of her.

Ashton, prone not to interfere with the ton, certainly made a hash of things when he did. Trying to aid a naïve debutante has brought him into the limelight as every busy-body began betting on who his marchioness would be. And the one who most interested him wasn’t even on the list. 

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  1. This sounds like an interesting romance, and I especially like how it’s historical fiction! Great review!

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