The Legacy by Dylan Allen

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Scorching, sizzling and flaming🔥🔥🔥🔥

The Legacy by Dylan Allen, book #1 in Rivers Wilde series was quite refreshingly a beautiful romance between 2 people who could not be any more different. Hayes is born to wealth, the billionaire heir to an empire called Kingdom and Confidence is, as Hayes thinks not good enough to bring home as she definitely lacks pedigree having born poor in a small back town of Arkansas.

The initial scene left me feeling flabbergasted, for a few pages I wasn’t even sure if that was the introductory scene of the heroine but then an accident occurs and the banter between Hayes and Confidence was superlative. The dialogues were peppered with such humor that there was a constant smile on my face reading them and the burning chemistry between the leads made the scenes red-hot!

Hayes had some growing up to do to understand his life’s choices and direction and Confidence does play a very solid and sensible counterpart but with a huge chip on her shoulders. It was the 2nd part of the book that literally elevated the book and made it totally different. I loved how the environmental concern like floods and Confidence’s mission in creating awareness was woven thru the storyline and then a small twisty surprise with Hayes’s legacy in the climax was thrilling at best.

Excellent wring by Dylan Allen and if this is the level of blazing romance in every book, I am really looking forward to the series!

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He just won control of his legacy. Loving her could cost him everything.

Billionaire Hayes Rivers came into my life like a hurricane…

Heir to an oil empire, he was sexy and seductive, controlling and scorching hot. I craved every touch, every filthy promise that fell from his beautiful mouth, knowing he could break me. My past had left me battered and bruised, with scars he was determined to heal.

Loving him was like drowning—he consumed me, body and soul.

But Hayes has secrets of his own. And nothing could prepare me for the shocking pieces of our pasts that threaten to rip us apart.

When the truth is revealed will our love be enough to shelter the storm?

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