Owl Manor – Abigail: Book 2 of the Owl Manor Trilogy

Many thanks to the author Zita Harrison for an ARC copy. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Abigail Moore has always seemed cold, unfeeling and remote, her emotions carefully hidden around an unbreachable wall. 3 years of courtship and Peter falters on his wedding day and Abigail returns back to Owl manor, a place shrouded in mystery. Surrounded by owls everywhere, the manor house has never felt welcome to Abigail but it is her last refuge. A year later Owl Manor is converted to a long-term boarding house and visitors have begun to trickle in but the rest and quiet that is expected is soon shattered as the owls begin their menace behaving unnaturally and deaths follow after.

Is it one of the guests that is disturbing the owls or is there something more sinister in play? Why would each guest choose to remain in a place that gives anyone the heebie-jeebies? What secrets are hidden in this house of haunting apparitions?

Zita Harrison’s Owl Manor-Abigail is a harrowing and terrifying horror thriller with gothic overtones. Exceedingly well-written, the author creates the perfect atmosphere for the spooky and sinister thrills. The owls provide the most spine-tingling effect as the author brings the images in brilliant clarity to the reader. The 3-way romance, the ghostly possessions, the woods, everything adds to the intimidating effects in the story.

I did like the character of the closed-up Abigail who has no clue how to let go and live her life without fear but it is Patty with her ever practical approach that I absolutely loved. Each of the guests add the necessary drama to this brilliantly plotted gothic thriller.

Highly recommended for all fans of gothic suspense!

14 years ago, Owl Manor trembled with echoes of madness, mysterious deaths and marauding owls.
In 1870, Abigail fled the horror of Owl Manor with her fiancé, Peter. But she carried with her the terrible notion that she is unworthy of love, instilled by her reluctant mother. If her own mother could not love her, how would anyone else?

She trusts no one and keeps herself buried in a crypt of churning emotions, away from the world. Deep inside, her soul screams at the thought of dying alone and unloved.

Now she is back. Abandoned at the altar, and with nowhere to go, she returns to Owl Manor. Thus begin the nightmares of violent rage and destruction, ghostly images.

What really happened 14 years ago?

Enter Victor, the complete opposite of Peter, yet frighteningly familiar at times.

And the owls circle the sky once again.

Inspired by authors such as Edgar Allan Poe (The Raven), Daphne du Maurier (Jamaica Inn), Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Shadow of the Wind), Owl Manor – Abigail is the second in the Owl Manor trilogy of Gothic suspense novels, and follows Owl Manor – the Dawning. 

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