#BookReview Tara by Surabhi Sharma @thereviewauthor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A thought provoking tale of giving value to what we have in life. Even though at first glimpse, I felt this to be a tale to be read to children especially at an age where every minuscule thing seems gargantuan and insurmountable, on further thoughts, Tara is each and every human in this world. It doesn’t matter the age, there are only a handful among us who are satisfied with their lot in life and are content and happy. Most of us feel insufficient and unloved and what not, putting us down. Tara by Surabhi Sharma makes one think of the gifts we are blessed with and to be happy with what we are given even when striving for more . This short story definitely packs a punch!

A young girl, Tara, bored and irritated with her monotonous life wants to leave everything and run to the mountains, to never return. She feels uninspired and envious of her little brother who has everything in life she ever wanted.

One day while grazing her sheep on the hilltop, she saw something coming towards her from the clouds. It’s a flying mat that came to take her. Will she go with it? What will happen to her family and sheep?

This story speaks about the joy of sharing and finding happiness in every moment. A magical journey that fills your heart with the belief – that magic is real.

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