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Thank God I read THANK GOD I’M FIRED by Sandeep Pawar 😊 😊 😊

The dry humor that is used to capture the quintessential dilemma of an IT millennial is so fitting and relevant. The author talks about the conundrum of many a corporate employee having to toil day in and day out with no job satisfaction. India is a country where every 2nd person you meet is an engineer who talks about their crazy managers and working hours. Having been part of this work environment the story became perfectly relatable.

Woe betide any Banglorean who has an emergency, the joke doing the rounds that one will probably die on the road before even getting to the hospital due to its famous or rather infamous traffic snarls. To open the chapter with that particular scenario set the tone for the whole novella.

The author has kept it absolutely real thru its protagonist Raghav, who like many of us has no clue as to what work will provide joy with no way of discovering one’s hidden talents. The sweet romance between Indu and Raghav was light-hearted and the ending with a very realistic approach was exceptionally done.

If you are part of the IT workforce stuck at home due to this pandemic, go ahead and read this witty and funny story simply for the smile it brings forth.

What do you do when you think you are trapped in the wrong job? Leave the job and do what you love. Simple, isn’t it? But what if you neither have the guts to leave the job nor know what you love to do? Complicated, isn’t it?
Meet Raghav, who like millions of other software professionals, is stuck in a similar situation. But don’t worry, his destiny has better plans for him. What plans you may ask? Well, getting him fired.
This novella takes you on a light-hearted tour of the contemporary software industry where you can ask the haunting question loudly- is getting sacked a blessing in disguise?

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