The Italian Billionaire’s Kidnapped Mistress by Kyra Radcliff #BookReview #Romance @DawnHillPub

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Kyra Radcliff is successful in using beyond the belief circumstances in the most unforeseen ways and create a complex story of accepting love.

The Italian Billionaire’s Kidnapped Mistress has Victoria Parsons succumbing to one moment of madness that alters her life drastically. Kidnapped and isolated in an island, Tori’s all efforts to dodge and shun the high-handed arrogant fashion tycoon Alfonso Marchese proves ineffectual. His smouldering good looks and innate kindness crumbles Tori’s defences and in spite of the derogatory insults levelled at her, all-consuming fire burns bright.

Misunderstandings and avoidance of truth provides the angst for the story but there’s a lot of overbearing attitude and manipulations used by Gabriella, Alfonso’s siter to get the two love birds together.

This story provides entertainment. The locations are exquisite so much that I wanna visit Italy, the sex scenes hot and steamy but do not expect anything earth shattering as half the time in spite of Tori standing up for herself with dignity, Alfonso keeps taunting her about being a whore and gold-digger. The romance is great simply coz the characters make it so.

A quick read and fun contemporary romance.

Thomas wakes up in a world that isn’t his. A world where magic and violence are omnipresent, and his parents are still alive. Now the son of a Count, Thomas needs to face the dark secrets of his alter ego, a young man who looked just like him but wasn’t as simple.


A breath-taking romance that takes readers on a sweeping journey from an exotic island paradise, to the stunning cities of Europe…

Tori Parsons thought she had it all … until her fiancé, Cesare, broke her heart and left her at the altar. When she discovers Cesare is to marry another woman, she
crashes the wedding, determined to call it off.

Enter Alfonso Marchese, the handsome billionaire brother of Cesare’s new bride. Alfonso will do anything to protect his family, and the last thing he wants is to see Cesare’s ex ruin his sister’s wedding. Convinced Tori is nothing but a selfish gold- digger, he kidnaps her and whisks her away to a remote island paradise …

Alfonso vows to hold Tori captive until she forgets all about Cesare. But as sun-drenched days lead to steamy tropical nights, the handsome billionaire is drawn to her beauty and fiery will. What begins as a seductive challenge soon blazes into a passionate affair. 

Soon, Tori finds herself having to deal with all of the formidable Marchese family … not just the tantalising Alfonso, who’s as confusing as he is intoxicating.

And as they sink deeper into each other, Tori realizes that a broken heart could be the least of her worries …


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