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A huge shout out to Blackthorn Book Tours for this grand opportunity to read and review Nothing Good Happens After Midnight. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Phew…. Get Set Go for this fantabulous ride to the mix of suspense short stories that will take a reader thru the whole gamut of emotions.

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight is a Suspense Magazine Anthology by various authors with an introduction by Jeffery Deaver which provide succulent short eats or starters before one can pick a full-fledged novel by any of these authors.

12:01 AM BY ALAN JACOBSON: A serial killer is hours away from being lethally injected but Karen Vail, ace FBI profiler needs one last chance with him and save a kidnapped woman. What a start to the anthology. Racing against time with heart in the mouth suspense this one offered a perfect beginning.

CELL PHONE INTOLERANT BY KEVIN O’BRIEN: The title says it all, brilliant in its concept, had a surprising ending.

ALL ABOARD BY HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: Overnight journey via train, reminiscent of Murder on the Orient Express, this one fell a little short for me coz of my huge expectation.

GONE FOREVER BY JOSEPH BADAL: Heart-breaking and a massacre that can cause nightmares, Gone Forever made my heart bleed.

NIGHT SHIFT BY LINWOOD BARCLAY: Wow, this was a doozy with a twisty end that I never saw coming. Working the nightshift is never gonna be the same again.

MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF DEATH BY HEATHER GRAHAM: What can I say, it is Heather Graham and she can do no wrong in my book. A group of friends on a dare, spending the night in a cemetery, obviously things should go bump in the night and it does spectacularly.

THE SIXTH DECOY BY PAUL KEMPRECOS: A former cop turned a charter fishing boat captain who also works as a pvt. Investigator is tasked to find a missing carved bird but the discovery leads to unforeseen paths. A thoroughly enjoyable tale of righting the scales.

A CREATIVE DEFENSE BY JEFFERY DEAVER: OK, now this one scared the living daylights of me. A sonatina and the effects of hypnotism, how crazy can it get? Brilliant.

AFTER MIDNIGHT BY RHYS BOWEN: Who is going to forget Cinderella and her midnight bargain, but Rhys Bowen has given a beautiful twist to this lovely fairy tale with THEN and NOW versions.

EASY PEASEY BY JOHN LESCROART: Want to be a part of the cool gang? Be careful of the prank you pull at midnight coz there are 1000 ways it can go wrong.

TONIC BY D. P. LYLE: Yes of course it’s a short story but this one will stay with me for a while simply coz of its sheer brilliance. Huh, to enjoy a “WHAT THE” expression at the end!

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT BY SHANNON KIRK: A Snowstorm, a blizzard, a robot, and a killer on the loose bound with romance. Awesome!

ATM BY JON LAND: A fitting story to end the anthology leaving the reader with hopes and dreams. Touching!

I loved each story in this collection and highly recommend it for all mystery lovers who might discover a new author. Some of the authors in this anthology are familiar to me but I have discovered some new authors that am gonna watch out for.

The sun sets. The moon takes its place, illuminating the most evil corners of the planet. What twisted fear dwells in that blackness? What legends attach to those of sound mind and make them go crazy in the bright light of day? Only Suspense Magazine knows…

Teaming up with New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver, Suspense Magazine offers up a nail-biting anthology titled: “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight.” This thrilling collection consists of thirteen original short stories representing the genres of suspense/thriller, mystery, sci-fi/fantasy, and more.

Readers’ favorites come together to explore the mystery of midnight. The ‘best of the best’ presenting these memorable tales, include: Joseph Badal, Linwood Barclay, Rhys Bowen, Jeffery Deaver, Heather Graham, Alan Jacobson, Paul Kemprecos, Shannon Kirk, Jon Land, John Lescroart, D. P. Lyle, Kevin O’Brien, and Hank Phillippi Ryan.

Take their hands…walk into their worlds…but be prepared to leave the light on when you’re through. After all, this incredible gathering of authors, who will delight fans of all genres, not only utilized their award-winning imaginations to answer that age-old question of why “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight”—they also made sure to pen stories that will leave you…speechless. 

This post contains affiliate links for products and services I recommend. If you make a purchase through those links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.


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