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Many thanks to the author Ruchira Khanna for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

What a quirky title for a story that conveys a hard topic of marriage, divorce and second chances.

This is one of those perfect books that showcases the cultural differences between an Indian household and probably the rest of the world. It is said in India, a girl marries not just a guy but his whole family and it is true in so many ways. The countless number of auntyji’s and uncleji’s that manage a girl’s life is simply staggering. Here, the story focuses on another aspect of a man’s nature, that of being unable to counter one’s mother even if the said person is the reason for the chaos and disruption in your life.

Ruchira Khanna writes brilliantly showing us Saru and her strength in dealing with a husband who is unable to cut his mom’s strings. It was humorous to see the wonderful ways she uses the sport of cricket to boost her spirits and score over her mother-in-law. Even a non-cricket fan wouldn’t have a problem following the game of life and cheering for Saru to bat for more runs. The support and strength of her own family was a lovely touch as it made for some sweet moments.

Following your dreams, second chances, finding one’s worth and guiding your daughter towards a safe place everything is so beautifully captured by the author.

For all fans who believe in love, go ahead and read this amazing tale of Saru and her batsmanship.

What’s a girl to do when she wants to hit boundaries but life throws her beamers?

Saru expected her life to turn for the better when she found love and married. Instead, she kept getting deliberate yorkers from her mother-in-law. She hit a sixer when a baby arrived, but things got worse soon after. Her appeal to the umpire fell on deaf ears. Finally, she walked out of the stadium, and let go of the first love of her life.

Then she flew off to New York for her Masters.

Will Saru get a second chance at love and marriage and get to hit a century? Will her daughter ever form a relationship with her biological father?

Bowled, but Not Out is an entertaining family drama full of heart and thoughtful life lessons and will resonate with anyone fond of cricket.


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