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I know… I know… wrong time to read Christmas cheer novel, but I believe that Christmassy stories are the best books to be read whenever one feels the blues, and a story in the historical romance genre is the cherry on the top.

Benjamin, Duke of Silkridge is a man who wants nothing to do with Christmas. As if losing his mother during Xmas was not enough but his father also dies around the same time, but to add salt to the wound, 5 yrs before his only living relative, the maternal grandfather banishes him from Cressmouth and Benjamin wows to never return to the land of all year-round Christmas cheer.
Noelle Pratchett, has no plans to fall for the Duke’s charms again but what she wants is not what she gets. As Benjamin and Noelle fight their attraction amidst the most cheerful place on the planet, the best laid plans definitely go awry.

Book # 1 in the 12 Dukes of Christmas series, this was way too sweet and sugary for my liking. I loved the character of Benjamin but the whole Cressmouth/Christmas endless cheer of course was too filmy. Maybe I need a good villain to spice up the plot. LOL!

A plotline with Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol story, Once Upon a Duke is a fun and quirky read that will definitely cheer you up.

Due to the terms of an estranged relative’s will, the Duke of Silkridge must revisit the cold, unforgiving mountains where he lost everything he once loved. As soon as he rights his family legacy, he’ll return to London where he belongs. He definitely won’t rekindle the forbidden spark crackling between him and the irresistible spitfire he’d left behind…

Noelle Pratchett is immune to charming rakehells like the arrogant duke. He stole her heart, stole her first kiss, and then stole away one night never to return. Now he’s back—and so are all the old feelings. Noelle knows he won’t stay. But how can she maintain her icy shields when every heated glance melts her to her core?

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