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A lovely tale of a woman’s quest for freedom and seeking companionship, Love Will Find You reinforce belief in LOVE. The author Vidisha Chandana Dua has wonderfully characterized Trisha who is a girl of today, strong and confident, whose ambition is to make something of her life before settling down to the demands of her family. The story moves between the past and the present as Trisha meets Sid who is commitment phobic and a possessive relationship with Ahaan is also explored. There are lots of ups and down in Trisha’s life as she travels the conundrum called life and I loved how the author has used the friendship between Trisha, Kiara and Nisha to show the differences in decisions and priorities for each of them.

Love Will Find You is a short story of second chances in love and being strong and fighting for what we want in life without giving up. Sid as a hero is not easy to like initially but his character as someone who is risk-averse is easy to relate to. The writing by the author flows effortlessly and leaves the reader with a hopeful feeling at the end.

The cover image captures the story in its entirety and deserves a special mention!

In all, an enjoyable sweet romance!

Trisha was full of life and hope when she graduated but soon got frustrated with life for not giving her what she wanted. Her life is turned around when she finds a job of her dreams and falls in love only to have her heart broken, again.

Tired of her family and friends advising her to find someone to get married to, she goes on vacation to get away from it all, only to meet Sid, bringing back painful and happy memories. Hoping this time would be different she gives him another chance to be friends again.

Trisha felt that Sid meeting her after so long was not a coincidence. Even though she sensed that there was something he was not telling her, she couldn’t refuse Sid and agreed to do him one last favor. What will she do now? Will she ever find love again?

Love Will Find You, is a sweet love story about heartbreaks and finding love again when you least expect it. 



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