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Life’s Not Over Yet explores the theme of living life on one’s own terms. Trisha has moved to a new place to get a perspective of what she wants to do in life. She expects a one-bedroom apartment as her place of stay but her friend has arranged something totally different, a room inside a doctor’s house. The doctor in question has also been manipulated into signing on the dotted line of the lease and is therefore shocked to find himself with a boarder.

It was impressive how the author has characterized Trisha, she’s relatable as one amongst us, not always sweet and not always rude but someone who is wary and doubtful of her situation and thereby deals it with ways that any one of us would react to. Dev begins as someone who is self-centered but the scales do come off as the story progresses and the relationship changes from strangers to friends to lovers.

Life’s Not Over Yet is short and sweet, the sort of story that teaches us that Life definitely has few surprises in store whether we want it or not. My only hitch is that I never got an idea about the age range that we are looking at for both Dev and Trisha, it is said she’s older but how old, is she in her 50’s, 60’s? The whole story is about looking past that age factor but Trisha’s picture never fully formed in my mind coz of that gap. Also, I felt that the reason for estrangement from her family lacked intensity which would have made it more germane.

A breezy romance that is entertaining.

Life can be magical as well as painful. At any moment your entire life can change for better or for worse . The best way to enjoy the magic or survive the pain is to surround yourselves with the people who love you . Trisha was at the point in her life where everything was coming into place as she had planned and then a personal tragedy ruins everything. What is she going to do now ? Give up on her dreams and resign herself to her fate or take one day at a time and start rebuilding her life again. 



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