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Historical fiction works best for me when there is a dual timeline story and secrets to be unraveled. I had read The Forbidden Promise by Lorna Cook and fell so much in love with it and here again, I am in awe of the author’s writing. Guernsey comes alive with this incredible tale of sisterhood, bravery, and love.

The Girl From The Island talks about the historical NAZI occupation of the Channel Islands, a thought that by itself is so terrifying; Hitler’s army residing so close to Britain for 5 long years. Actual historical events are woven thru the story thereby giving a vivid image of the circumstances endured by the people of Isles living with the Germans for such a long time.

Dido and Persephone in the 1940s and Lucy and Clara in 2016 show the different faces of sisterhood. Lucy and Clara are not having the best of relationships, Clara having issues with Lucy’s no-care, no-responsibility attitude towards life and it becomes evident as the resentments bubble over with a resounding slap. I loved how the author has used Dido’s and Persey’s past to smoothen the bond between Lucy and Clara. Both segments have romance and what an awesome feat by the author to differentiate the changing times. The love that develops between Lucy and Will is a reflection of how we are today, the banter between them cute and open, their approach more friendly and warm. However, Persey and Stefan have hundreds of things playing the villain in their love for each other, the major hurdle that of Stefan being a member of the invading army and Persey refusing to see her childhood friend beneath his uniform. The unacknowledged love is beautifully conveyed by the author that it tugs at a reader’s heart for the miserable time they lived in.

The setting of the story is captivating and Lorna Cook transports the readers to the turbulent times during the war brilliantly. Persey’s love for her sister and her adopted brother Jack forcing her to make some hard choices and even then Dido paying a hard price for going against the rules imposed was heartbreaking.

I am in love with the inhabitants of Deux Tourelles in both the timelines but it would be Dido who would have my heart in this saga of finding strength during adversity.

A world at war.
One woman will risk everything.
Another will uncover her story.

1940: When the island of Guernsey is invaded by the Nazis, two sisters are determined to rebel in any way they can. But when forced to take in a German soldier, they are shocked to find a familiar face on their doorstep – a childhood friend who has now become their enemy.

2016: Two generations later, Lucy returns to Guernsey after the death of a distant cousin. As she prepares the old family house for sale, Lucy discovers a box of handwritten notes, one word standing out: resistance. Lucy’s search for the author will uncover the story of a forgotten sister who vanished from the island one night, never to be seen again.



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