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What a RIDE!

Aggie Blum Thompson’s debut novel I Don’t Forgive You is an exhilarating and enthralling experience, something akin to river rafting.

The thrill, the excitement, the shock, the gasp, everything gets rolled into one as the reader gets absorbed into Allie and her life. It was just harmless flirting at a neighborhood party but she had to pay a price of unspeakable horror, like most women who do not want the fuss of attention, Allie also decides to ignore the blatant disregard of decency. The decision backfires spectacularly with Allie not knowing the direction of destruction that is happening in her life. Her dementia-affected mother, her irresponsible sister, her career going down the drain, her neighbors opting to isolate her, the police suspicious of her, suddenly everything that she has held sacred is nose-diving at an alarming rate and nothing makes sense.

Aggie Blum Thompson has worked wonders in capturing the nightmare that follows Allie. The horror of having someone impersonating you on social media is utterly terrifying and the helplessness of the unsettling trauma has been described brilliantly. It was easy to picture the powerlessness of the situation.

I Don’t Forgive You is an edge-of-the-seat revenge thriller that one would be hard-pressed to put down. It is a fast-paced read, the events in Allie’s life happening one after another without a break so much that I advise that the reading also be done in one sitting to enjoy it thoroughly.

Outstanding debut!

Perfect for book clubs or the beach, Aggie Blum Thompson’s I Don’t Forgive You is a page-turning, thrilling debut not to be missed. (Wendy Walker)

An accomplished photographer and the devoted mom of an adorable little boy, Allie Ross has just moved to an upscale DC suburb, the kind of place where parenting feels like a competitive sport. Allie’s desperate to make a good first impression. Then she’s framed for murder.

It all starts at a neighborhood party when a local dad corners Allie and calls her by an old, forgotten nickname from her dark past. The next day, he is found dead.

Soon, the police are knocking at her door, grilling her about a supposed Tinder relationship with the man, and pulling up texts between them. She learns quickly that she’s been hacked and someone is impersonating her online. Her reputation–socially and professionally–is at stake; even her husband starts to doubt her. As the killer closes in, Allie must reach back into a past she vowed to forget in order to learn the shocking truth of who is destroying her life. 

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