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Many thanks to Net Galley, Thomas & Mercer, and the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

Debra Webb is a bestselling author of about 150 novels and the saddest part is I haven’t read a single book by this author. Thanks to Barbara Schultz at Goodreads whose review led me to check this out in Net Galley and glad that finally, I did read at least one book by this fantastic author.

Gone Too Far is book #2 in Devlin & Falco series. I haven’t read book #1 but book #2 can be read perfectly as a stand-alone.

Kerri Devlin and Luke Falco are called into investigating a double homicide, but the identity of one of the victims throws a spanner in the works. The murder of hotshot Asher Walsh, Deputy District Attorney is no small affair and the detectives know they are up against more than just a drug deal gone wrong. Devlin also has the additional burden of handling the sensitive issue of bullying at her daughter Tori’s school which has led to a critical situation.

The pressure of handling a high-profile case and her daughter’s problems have been dealt with wonderfully by the author, Devlin does come across as a sensible mother as well as an intuitive detective. Her partner Falco gives the required impetus in an investigation that has so many layers. Drugs, the Mexican cartel, amnesia, bullying, bad parenting, dysfunctional families, murder, and mayhem, so many subjects get discussed in this mind-boggling thriller. The story was like a secret puzzle box, as each jumbled pieces begins to take shape, another slice is revealed in this intriguing web of suspense

Sadie’s attempt to reconstruct her lost past and the details about her trials and abuse were sad and sympathetic. It makes one think about the sacrifices the undercover agents do to get to the criminals, they almost pay for it with their sanity. I would have dearly loved to have a few chapters in Falco’s POV coz his past seems to as interesting as Sadie’s life. Hopefully in the next book in the series.

Looking forward to reading more books by this author!

This second entry in USA Today bestselling author Debra Webb’s Devlin & Falco series proves that sometimes the past is best left forgotten.

As veteran detectives of the Birmingham Police Department, Kerri Devlin and Luke Falco have seen it all. So when the city’s new hotshot deputy district attorney turns up dead as part of a double homicide, the partners immediately get to work.

But this is no ordinary case. Devlin and Falco quickly link the murdered DDA to one of their own: former BPD detective Sadie Cross. But Sadie’s fractured memory is yet another puzzle to decipher, as she only recalls bits and pieces of her violent past…a past that may hold clues to the motive behind the murders.

As the group slowly begins to unearth the truth, they soon discover that the more secrets are revealed, the more fatal the consequences.

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