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A 300 yr old Scottish manor house and of course ghosts. Why wouldn’t I wanna read this book?

The Ghosts of Tullybrae House is a light read with an element of mystery. The story failed to give me the excitement that I had while reading the blurb, nevertheless, it was an easy and fun timeslip romance that was engaging.

The ghosts in the mansion are all lovable, I just couldn’t help but crack up reading the interactions between Lamb and his mother. Emmie’s love for the highlander was delightful, but the character of Cael never completely solidified for me. He’s a ghost yes, but his whole persona felt as if viewing thru a foggy mirror. On the other hand, Adam and Deano, the archaeologists at the site felt more interesting.

The ending kind of let me down, well, it was the obvious conclusion for a timeslip romance but even so, it was ho-hum.


Emmie Tunstall is in over her head. Not yet thirty, and she’s been hired as curator at Tullybrae House. A three-hundred year old manor in the Scottish Highlands, Tullybrae has more antique and historically significant artefacts than a museum. It will fall to Emmie to inspect, research and catalogue every last one.

Of the work itself, she is more than capable. But what Emmie doesn’t know is that she and Lamb, Tullybrae’s loyal butler, are not the only ones inhabiting the rambling, three-story mansion. She will soon realize that Tullybrae is also home to the ghosts of a little girl, a former countess, and even Lamb’s own long-deceased mother.

And there is another ghost: an unknown Highlander. Nothing survives of his name, his clan, even his death. Yet he is the one whose presence Emmie senses most strongly, and she becomes determined to solve his mystery. It is here that she is in over her head, for in uncovering his story, she may be uncovering the path to her own destiny. 

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