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Hiya, yes, It is my turn for the blog tour of Keepers Of The Gate: Twilight Ends (Book One) by author E. Denise Billups.

Keepers Of The Gate gives us glimpses of a part of history that I haven’t read much about, well honestly, I am not the Know-all of Indian history itself but having read many books with history as a subject, I am sure I have never set my eyes on any Native American History.

Set with the historical background of Sullivan’s expedition and the destruction of the Iroquois Confederacy, the story begins with Pilan and Teke whose death launches the journey of reincarnation and time-travel for the major characters involved. The Newhouse family who is the present owners of the Twilight Ends B&B, which is located in the sacred grounds of the village have their hands full running the place and also guarding the secrets left behind by the matriarch Tessa.

The story flows along beautifully with the author creating imagery that transports the reader to the place. It is easy to walk in Twyla’s shoes as she begins to explore the truth of her grandmother’s convictions of past history. Inheriting almost all her grandmother’s capabilities, she understands that history may repeat itself as the past and the present are set to collide.

This is not a quick-paced read as the historical facts and the supernatural elements take its time to get in the groove and there’s no wham-bam action involved but the steady unraveling of the mysteries hidden by Tessa was a joy to read. The relationships of all the major players in the story were endearing with the kind of all-encompassing soulmate love that has been centuries in waiting.

With a cracker beginning to the series, I am looking forward to the new time-travel adventures of Twyla and Mystic the cat. Highly recommended to fans of historical fiction with magical realism and paranormal elements.

Many thanks to Black Thorn Book Tours for the copy of this ARC. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

In 1779 Kanadasaga, Sullivan’s Expedition torches a Seneca village and many others, destroying the Iroquois Confederacy. Awakened from sleep, Pilan and Teka flee their blazing longhouse into the woodlands. After a soldier’s bullet thwarts their escape, Pilan vows to meet his beloved Teka again in another life.

Two hundred years later in present-day Geneva, New York, historical relics rise. Twilight Ends, a grand Victorian bed-and-breakfast run by the Newhouse family, sits on the property the Iroquois village used to thrive on.

After Twilight Ends’ long-standing matriarch Tessa Newhouse dies, her daughter and granddaughter, Skylar and Twyla, discover two artifacts under the maple tree in the backyard, and an ancient mystery as old as time begins to unravel.

But will they have the courage to follow the path their ancestors did?

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