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Sandeep Pawar, YOU ARE A STAR!

I’m gonna order this book for keeps and gift it to all those working in the IT sector. I haven’t laughed so much in the near future and for that alone, I would give it 10 stars if possible.

Corporate Blah Blah Blah is a book that reflects how the usage of English idioms has been mangled in the corporate sector in India. Having worked in a similar environment it was extremely relatable and of course with a manager like Subbu

The author’s writing skill is commendable, the story takes shape in an office with a manager and his team and he has shown us different idioms citing examples of how it is used as jargon and the confusion that arises due to the inability to grasp the actual meaning of it. And YES, we have all been there trying to get your manager to use these idioms aptly and sorting out what exactly we are supposed to do with them.

Hilarious beyond words that brought tears to my eyes with too much laughing, Corporate Blah Blah Blah is that perfect book that captures that part of our working culture here in India. I think even someone outside this IT bubble, can surely grab this book and enjoy the humorous tangle created by Subbu and his team.

Highly recommended! ⛈️ ⛈️ ⛈️ ⛈️ ⛈️

Do you think these corporate folks say simple things in complicated ways? Do you think your boss, for no reason, insert business jargon that you suspect no one, including s/he, understands?

Meet Corporate Subbu, who has understood the secret of success- The one who talks reaches the top. He is on a mission to inject business jargon into his dialect to sound professional. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to impressing others with his words. What he does not know is, his half-knowledge creates confusion and embarrassment. But he makes sure that everyone is entertained by his stunts, unknowingly.

This collection of short stories will give you a perfect fun ride of what happens during office meetings and how the confusion can be fun to witness. 

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