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Emotional and compelling, The Wheel Breaker by Vinod Balan offers much more than just a suspense story.

Sid is a reporter whose passion for interesting articles makes him chuck his well-paid jobs in the industry and do freelancing without too much interference and hassle. Given a chance by a publication to go to the National Film Archive of India in Bangalore, Sid’s life undergoes a massive change as he comes across a film by a group of friends that never saw the light of the day in its time. The film made by Mahinder and friends sweating out for 5 long years without much help from the film industry is a political intrigue that would have been an eye-opener, so why was it buried and never released, and what happened to all the people connected to the movie?

The short story in 60 pages conveys simple lessons for life that I never expected, the concluding chapter especially reiterating the human fault of never giving due credit in their time and always giving recognition posthumously. The story that alternates between events in the past thru Mahinder and the current times thru Sid has a suspenseful setting.

The author has left it to the imagination of the reader to decipher the story of the movie that is referred to as political but kept vaguely undefined and I loved that aspect of it. Crisply and shortly, the author sets the tone for the story and unravels the puzzle of the past and its far-reaching consequences into the present.

Diverting 🌧️ 🌧️ 🌧️ 🌧️

“Stars are visible to the naked eye. The light from the stars takes years to reach us. Therefore, when we look at a star, we are actually seeing what it looked like years ago.”

Sid, the son of a business tycoon and an heir to a large fortune decides to walk on a different path and lead a life on his own terms without depending on anyone. He becomes a Freelance Reporter & Writer and is constantly on the lookout for an interesting story that can be covered independently.

Mahinder, an aspiring Film-Maker is all set to create a masterpiece along with his Cast & Crew; a kind of work that has the potential to trigger a massive change that could be too hard to handle for many.

In the pursuit of hope, will their convictions make them cross each other’s path? Is there a hidden truth that would be unravelled? Is there a connection? 

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