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“That’s the real fun of it: the democracy beneath. The strong and the weak, the proud and the humble, the Catholic and the Protestant, the rich man and the poor…inside they’re all the same. All full of red just waiting to come out”.

The Brute is hardly 20 pages but tell me, dear readers, if you don’t feel the slightest chill in the spine reading those above lines. It is like being inside the mind of a serial killer who dreams and gushes about murder and mayhem, but we are inside the head of a ship.

Hog island is definitely not a good place to be but the Most Rose was a ship cursed before it even set sail. The frequent accidents and madness that lurks inside the ship have not gone unnoticed and it is therefore very aptly referred to as The Brute.

The author Miles Watson offers a gripping horror short story of a warship and its atrocities. The images one can envision with Brute’s point of view were vivid and terrifying. Extremely unique and otherworldly, The Brute is sure to frighten the living daylights of anyone.

Highly recommended for fans of horror fiction.

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It’s not for nothing they call her “The Brute.” The Most Rose killed a half dozen construction workers before she ever put to sea, and after that — well, year after year, voyage after voyage, she continued to demand payment in blood, grief or madness from all who risked her decks. Many say this old cargo ship is cursed, but the truth is far more terrifying than any curse could ever be.

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