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A Dance With Magic is book #2 in the Twin Kingdom series.

Nancy O’Toole keeps the basic content of the Twelve Dancing princess fairytale to expand on the story of Rebecca and Zahir whom we see being introduced in Book #1 The Rose and The Claw. A Dance With Magic can be read as stand-alone but to understand the dynamics of the war and animosity between the Kelvins and the Verdians, it is best advised to read them in order.

Queen Rebecca is ready to meet the diplomat from Verdia when unexpectedly there are more visitors on her doorstep than informed. The Prince and Princess of Verdia have joined the party and there’s a suspicious burst of magic across the country. Zahir in his capacity as personal guard to the queen has his task cut out for him as he unearths the magic of the dancing masquerade that Rebecca visits in the night.

Nancy O’Toole creates the world of illusion brilliantly but it is the plotline of the curse that impressed me most. It was wicked and devious. I wanted more time for the love between Zahir and Rebecca to develop but being a novella, we have to make do with the short and quick version. I want to thank the author for her character sketch of Rebecca, especially knowing that it is opposite to Rose in book #1. Unlike Rose, there’s a quality to Rebecca’s hidden emotions. The strength she conveys with her subtle and quiet approach to her feelings for Zahir was excellent. Viktor as the endearing prince from Verdia also deserves a mention as his insouciant attitude towards the more formal Kelvians was a joy to read.

It would have been interesting to read how the relationship between the 2 war-torn countries and the change in the relationship between Rebecca and Zahir would develop and the reason why I believe I would have been overjoyed with a full-length novel with this story.

A fascinating novella to immerse oneself into, A Dance With Magic was thoroughly enchanting.

Many thanks to the author for a chance to read and review this book. All opinions are expressed voluntarily.

The chance for freedom

Rebecca has lived a life of restrictions. Once a scared princess, ruthlessly controlled by her older brother, she now finds herself inheriting a kingdom that never expected to have a queen. Facing the possibility of engagement to a man she cannot stand, Rebecca takes her first chance of freedom: an enchanted masquerade located beneath a trap door.

The loyal soldier

Zahir has lived a life of loss. A peerless swordsman and trained fighter, he once fought for his country. Now he only raises his blade in defense of one: his queen and dearest friend, Rebecca. But secretly, his feelings expand beyond friendship. It will take all of Zahir’s skill to protect Rebecca from the true purpose of the masquerade, a force more sinister and older than either of them expect.

Or may be able to survive.

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